What the face-off in Yadav family means

September 18 2016

The infighting in the most prominent Yadav family from UP has come on to the streets. But those who know the Yadav family closely are calling it a mere drama. They believe that the way Gayatri Prajapati was dropped from the Cabinet, and then reinstated, the way Shivpal Yadav was shorn of an important ministry, and then given back, is all a big political drama, and is a big part of Akhilesh’s makeover. The entire drama is taking place at the behest of a media management company, which is working towards making Akhilesh into a brand. However, where UP’s Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal is concerned, the young chief minister himself is behind it. Singhal is the son-in-law of the owner of a big newspaper group in UP, and Shivpal had brought him in despite Akhilesh’s objection. But Akhilesh appointed a retired Alok Ranjan as his advisor. That is because compared to SInghal, Ranjan’s image is that of a clean and honest official, and Akhilesh gives a lot of importance to his opinion. A few days ago, Alok Ranjan was sitting next to Akhilesh at a program in Lucknow and giving him some suggestions. Sources say Singhal suddenly came there, and almost scolded Ranjan saying, “Keep these suggestions for later; let some official work happen first. Everyone present there, including Akhilesh, was shocked at this. Thereafter, Akhilesh also decided that without caring for what Shivpal or his father would say about it, he would show Singhal the door, and that is exactly what he did.

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