What the bond between Bhardwaj & Swamy means

May 18 2016

These two friends of yore are pretty active in helping the prime minister realize his secret mission. Incidentally, both have been law ministers in the past. The new entrant to Rajya Sabha Subramaniam Swamy, and Hansraj Bhardwaj, have started
a new round of meeting-up; they meet at either at Bhardwaj’s home in Defence Colony or over a quiet dinner at Taj Man Singh Hotel. So be it the National Herald case, or Augusta Westland, Swamy is seen consulting with Bhardwaj. It is worth noting that Bhardwaj and Modi’s friendship is an old one, and it is Bhardwaj, who was the law minister of Gujarat while Modi was the chief minister, and had advised the CM to start a night court, and Modi has agreed to it promptly. Sources say that Bhardwaj also has good relations with BJP head Amit Shah. When Bhardwaj was the governor of Karnataka, and would stay at Karnataka
Bhavan in Delhi, Shah could be seen going to visit him and see how he was doing. It is worth mentioning that Gujarat Bhavan and Karnataka Bhavan are next to each other in Delhi. Sources say that the duo have given a secret report to the
Prime minister about the present attorney journal and solicitor journal.

  1. Neil Says:

    Bharadwaj was the union law minister , not gujarat law minister

    Attorney “General” and Solicitor “General”

  2. Rajinder Kumar Says:

    Bhardwaj was never the Law Minister of Gujarat. Bhardwaj was in congress when Modi was CM of Gujarat

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