What is PMO, asks Nirmala

July 10 2016

The recent reshuffle in Modi’s Cabinet has made it clear that every ministry is under the eagle eyes of the PM and the PMO, and that a review of each ministry is done at intervals. For instance, a few days ago, Minister of Commerce and Industry Nirmala Seetharaman’s department secretary got a call from the PMO that the PM would like to speak to him. The prime minister himself spoke to the shocked secretary and asked questions about several important matters of his department, and then signed off by saying, “I’ll come visit you one of these days.” As soon as he hung up, the secretary went rushing to meet Ms Minister and told her the entire thing. For a moment, even Nirmala Seetharaman was taken aback; she was even more surprised when she found out that the PM had mentioned coming to visit the ministry. Sources say when Seetharaman could not contain her curiosity any longer she called the PMO, wanting to know when the PM would come to her ministry. She was told, “Hold on for a minute, I will ask sir and let you know.” The reply came within half-a-minute, and Ms Minister was told that the PM has said this was a matter between him and the department secretary; what did it have to do with the minister? Seetharaman understood the entire thing and she brushed the matter under the carpet.

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