What is Lalit Modi’s truth?

July 05 2015

It is not necessary that the rooster announces the morning each day; a cat on the prowl might change all that. Several secrets exist in Lalit Modi’s three-storeyed house at Cadogen Square at Knightsbridge. Sources reveal that if Modi is pushed into the corner anymore than he already is, several of these secrets might tumble out. Lalit Modi has his office on the ground floor of the building, lives on the second one and the top floor is reserved for close friends and occasional parties. Sources reveal that a luxurious suite at London’s Bulgari Hotel is booked for Lalit Modi for all days of the year, where he has his friends from India stay, most of whom are politicians, prominent officers and journalists. He also financially assists Parliamentarians, politicians, and ministers visiting London from India. A few days ago, an influential minister in the UP government shared his fears with some of his confidantes that a CD of his stay in London might have been made, which might be made public in the days to come. Some BJP Parliamentarians, who have enjoyed Lalit Modi’s hospitality, disagree that any cameras are installed in his bungalow; he is of the belief that Lalit Modi is a great friend who is always eager to help Indians who visit London.

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