What if Ram & Krishna have a face-off?

July 31 2016

Sangh’s BJP prabhari Dr Krishna Gopal has been forced to change his strategy. Reliable sources associated with the Sangh reveal that he has been told to consult with Bhaiyaji Joshi, Duttatreya Hosbole and Suresh Soni before taking any decision. Sources say in the recent past, several serious complains had reached the top leadership of Sangh and BJP regarding Dr Gopal’s attitude. The biggest complain being that he just can’t seem to stop coming away from the human resources and development ministry, and still behaves like a minister of education. It is said that Smriti Irani and Ramashankar Kathiria have had to pay the cost of their closeness to him. One of the most common complains about Dr Gopal is that he does not take calls from Sangh and BJP workers, and neither does he call them back. Sources say Dr Gopal pinned the blame on his secretary and has removed him from the post; he said his secretary wouldn’t tell him about these calls in the first place. One of the charges against him for a long time has been is that he is an advocate of Brahminvaad. Sources say Dr Gopal and BJP’s Ramlal are also not seeing eye-to-eye nowadays. Krishna Gopal feels Ramlal is sowing the seeds of dissent against him. But Ramlal is only doing Ram’s will.

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