What does China want ?

July 01 2020

Why is China treating India as an enemy? In the changed scenario, the race to become  ‘superpower’ has been redefined with the whole world shaping & behaving in a typical bipolar way and the world is clearly divided between the USA and China. Earlier, Pakistan was piggy-backing the USA as the latter had made it a base for its war in Afghanistan. Drubbed by it, Pakistan took refuge in the Chinese patronage. China had its eyes on taming India too. In the 18 meetings held between PM Modi and Xi Jinping in the last 6 years, China had the same calculation in its mind as India’s past cordiality with the USSR also pointed out. Then came an era, when Narsinmha Rao led India as a new symbol of economic liberalisation, which continued during the Vajpayee’s regime as well. China kept observing the developments as it saw Indian-US ties grow stronger when PM Modi used to meet the US President followed by the Chinese President. Finally, ‘Namaste Trump’ by PM Modi took Chinese concerns to unprecedented heights only to be complimented by BJP IT cell’s propaganda holding Wuhan responsible for the spread of Corona. This got China to take out its dagger, which it is famous for.

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