What can one take back?

June 25 2012

It is time for the First Citizen of India’s farewell. It is the farewell to her ambitions, dreams and desires. On other words, it is time to leave everything behind. But if sources are to be believed, the personal luggage and baggage that is being packed by the respected President and will be sent to three different homes in Maharashtra is shocking. A high-level army officer has been made responsible to see to it that her personal items are packed and reach safely at the proper destination. Unconfirmed reports way that as many as 20 lorries will be required to pack all that she wants to take back.

  1. Shalini Says:

    Mr Pocha, Just wanted to ask you a qtuesion is there any harm if Modi becoms the PM of India. I hope you agree with me that he is a good administretar and have given a good governance. Then why not mobilise support for modi. I do not belong to any party nor I have membership of any party. I am just wanted to support him to make my country a super power. This congress which is also a chor party neither have a vision nor currage to do something for this country. Today anybody and everybody attacks on us be it our neighbours Pakistna, China etc. or the terrorist they do nothing. Rather they do not want to do anything. They just want to support the terrorist as they feel if the names of the terrorist reveald they will lose their vote bank (Muslim). Therefore dont you think that this is the time to act and act fast. This Govt is a complete faliour .in all the fields..be it economic foreign policy Infrastructure .See in Delhi itself congress has done nothing .It is Madan Lala khurana who started Metro they failed to start mono rail in last 15 years of congress rule ..I hope you agree whih me, belive me there are so many people like me who wanted to get rid of this chor Govt ..Thx and RegardsYatendra

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