New found friends

August 23 2015

After Modi’s successful trip to the Arab world, the Gulf countries are looking at India with hopeful eyes. Their eyes were also on India-Pakistan’s discussions at the NSA level, although they have come to nothing. These countries are also eyeing Pakistan with suspicion; their investigative agencies have also indicated that Pakistan might create some trouble in these countries. A large number of Pakistanis reside in these Gulf countries; no less than 10,000 Pakistanis make for the Bahrain police force. Saudi Arabia has its own armed brigade, while most F-16 fighter plane pilots in Oman are Pakistanis. Jordan, too, is facing a similar issue. Having Pakistani armed forces in Gulf countries is a big part of Pakistan’s foreign policy. In several Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, a large number of Pakistani trainers can be seen; teams of Pakistani security experts also have a presence there. India is sure to get a lot of support from Gulf countries on the issue of terrorism.

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