Wave of change in Bihar

November 09 2020

here is no permanent friend or permanent enemy, only permanent interest. This is the game of politics which can be seen in Bihar elections where chief minister Nitish Kumar who parted ways with BJP when Narendra Modi was declared PM candidate is now happily sharing the stage with Modi.

Not only this, Kumar is stating in rallies that Modi will ensure Bihar’s development when the NDA returns to power once again.

In 2010, Nitish Kumar used to say when there is Sushil Modi, there is no need for any other Modi in Bihar. He even cancelled a dinner for NDA just because Narendra Modi was also scheduled to attend it and now it is the same Nitish Kumar, the Sushasan Babu, who is with Modi in rallies.

On the other hand, BJP somewhere feels that it is not that easy for NDA to spread its wings in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar and therefore the party strategists have started working on plan ‘B’, that is Nitish will not be chief minister of Bihar even if NDA wins the election.

However, the saffron does not want to sideline Nitish Kumar now because it knows that winning the general election in 2024 in Bihar is not easy without his support.

The party sources said that Nitish will surely become a union minister irrespective of the result of the Bihar election and he may get important portfolio like railways so that he does not part ways with NDA again.

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