War between Modi and Vasundhara

June 21 2014

Minister of State Nihal Chand, who is facing rape charges, is beside himself with relief at the way Modi has placed his trust in him. When the rape issue caught media headlines, Nihal Chand Meghwal met with the Prime Minister and offered to resign, but it is believed that Modi has asked him to stay on until the end of the investigation. During Gehlot’s rule in Rajasthan, Nihal Chand had got a clean chit so Modi feels that Vasundhara Raje may have something to do with the fact that Nihal Chand’s case is back in news again. When party tickets were being distributed to candidates in Rajasthan, Om Mathur, who is considered to be close to Modi had called up Modi for a ticket for Nihal Chand, one that Vasundhara was not ready to give. Nihal Chand got the ticket after Modi’s intervention. After an unprecedented win, Modi was mulling over the formation of his Cabinet and had asked Vasundhara for four-five names from Rajasthan, who could be considered for the posts of ministers. But sources reveal that Vasundhara gave only one name, that too of her son Dushyant. Modi had made it clear beforehand that no politician’s son or daughter will get a post in the Cabinet this time. So she asked Vasundhara to give different names other than her son Dushyant but she didn’t agree. On the contrary, she allegedly told Modi that he will have to handle the Jats and she won’t do anything. Modi didn’t take kindly to this at all and he immediately called Om Mathur and said, “You had asked for one ticket for a person, where is he? Send him to Delhi immediately.” There was a rush to find Nihal and he was found in Shri Ganganagar and was called to Delhi. Sources told Modi that Vasundhara had called the ADG Law and Order and asked him to bring out a warrant against Nihal Chand. The matter then caught traction and somehow also became a matter of self-respect for Modi. As a result, national investigative agencies are trying to save Nihal Chand and it has started an unannounced war between Modi and Vasundhara.

  1. Keshav Says:

    Interesting. There is similar story about Jaswanth’s wife Vs Vasundhara.

    Can you use bigger font and better layout for easy reading? Thanks!!

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