Walking the talk

April 12 2015

Taking a leaf out of their leader’s working style, some of the ministers in Modi’s Cabinet are also trying to do things differently. For instance, last week, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi received a sudden call from the prime minister, and he was directed to go to Jammu and Kashmir. He wanted Naqvi to study the immensity of floods in the valley and present a report to him. Naqvi took a hurried flight to Srinagar. He first went to Baramulla, and then stopped his car at the main road and started walking. People were impressed that a minister from the Central government was walking alongside them leaving all security and safety measures. People met and greeted him and were telling him about their troubles. Naqvi repeated the drill in Lal Chowk and Jhelum as well. In Lal Chowk, even the shopkeepers joined Naqvi during his walk and the local people were heard saying that it was for the first time in 20 years that a minister had walked up to meet them. Now they want that the state’s ruling coalition PDP-BJP government should follow the example.

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