Wadettiwar’s political War

October 08 2017

Remember Vijay Wadettiwar who has shifted from Shiv Sena to Congress? But, this time Congress’s Presidential candidate Meera Kumar complained that Wadettiwar along with 10 other people, had cross-voted for NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind. But, Wadettiwar’s journey continued unhindered. First, he was appointed Deputy Opposition Leader in Maharashtra Assembly. Though it’s not a constitutional position, he was given the status of a Minister of State- perhaps a first in the country. He is included in Mohan Prakash’s coterie. But, now his name figures in the irrigation scam and he is on the radar of various investigative agencies including ED. But, Wadettiwar has too much confidence on his contacts across the political spectrum to be bothered about such trivial cases.

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