Venkaiah’s victorious ways

August 09 2015

About four days ago, a small troupe of Modi loyalists got ready to give a fitting reply to the Congress inside the Parliament as well as outside. Most of them were concerned about Rahul, Sonia and the Congress’ direct attack on their veteran leader Sushma Swaraj. The Prime Minister had already made it clear that asking Sushma to resign at the last minute would mean giving in to Congress’ attack. Then a member of the group suggested changing Sushma’s ministry after Bihar elections. At that point, Parliament Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu came up with a plan – how about if Sushma, Vasundhara, Shivraj Singh and Pankaja Munde resign from the Parliament and assemblies, and go back to the public seeking votes and support? If they are elected back, the Congress too will consider it to be the public’s decision and shut up. Hearing this, a veteran minister close to the Prime Minister dismissed the idea outright. He wondered how Shivraj being elected back to office will bring back all those 50 people who lost their lives in Vyapam scam. As expected, the question resulted in an uncomfortable silence among the core committee.

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