Venkaiah’s Southern Saga

October 30 2017

The man will never learn to rise to a Constitutional position. Despite the fact that Venkaiah Naidu has been elevated to the Vice-Presidential portals, his tendency to meddle in his southern fiefs has not ended. Albeit, he spends five days a week in his Delhi outpost, it has become his habit to spend the weekends in his home state. He does not want to give up his standing as the best recognizable face in the south. Nagpur birds coo to us that la affaire south is being controlled by two heads: Venkaiah, and BJP general secretary Ram Madhav. In the meanwhile, when one asks Karnataka party in-charge Muralidhar Rao, who is idling in Delhi, what his job is, he meekly submits that he is in charge of Karnataka. But if that is so, what is the role of Prakash Javadekar, who has been entrusted the job of looking after Karnataka?

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