Venkaiah in the race for vice-president

April 11 2016

Central Minister Venkaiah Naidu was known as the Hanuman of Advani era. Times changed, power changed hands, too, and Naidu, who is adept at changing himself, got immersed in Modi bhakti. He got so good that the one who was praised gave him newer avenues to explore. Be it the party podium, the party’s National Working Committee meeting, an open stage, or a meeting of Cabinet ministers, Venkaiah has emerged as someone who is a pro at Modi praise. But when it got too much, the Sangh had to intervene. Bhaiyaji Joshi and Dattatreya Hosboley called Venkaiah to the Sangh office and pulled him up saying he should not cross limits when it comes to praising Modi. Dattatreya went to the extent of saying there is no place for praise of any person in the Sangh. Venkaiah’s Rajya Sabha tenure is due to get over in the months to come, but what can he do? Trying to win a Lok Sabha election is a humongous task for him. Sources say he has expressed before Modi that if it is not possible to give him a Rajya Sabha seat, maybe his name can be considered as the next vice-president of India. What a team they will make then – Advani as the President, and his Hanuman as the vice-president. The old times will certainly be back.

  1. Aravind Says:

    With TDP in AP, his home state and Urban Ministry under his belt. He is not a fool to call it quits to active politics. He is needed in the Cabinet and as a Party Previous President he has highest respect in the Sangh.
    I think the gossip is true and relavant and factual, but practically unreliable for Venkaiah and BJP

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