Vasundhara’s new advisors

May 14 2018

In the recent past when Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje was called upon by BJP high-command in Delhi, the attitude of the command forced Raje to reconsider her political tactics. Sources tell that in Delhi she met with an experienced English journalist who these days runs a portal after being terminated from his newspaper’s editorial team. It is being said that Raje invited him to Jaipur and asked him to take over her media management.
Raje’s media management has now soared to a new high and some or the other news is being planted around Raje everyday that how she didn’t bow down to the BJP high-command. Even Raje’s close MLAs have also come to the front stating that in case the party tries to replace Raje in the state with any other leader, then rebellion will storm up within the saffron party.
Once media used to publish what Raje said, but now the tables have turned and Raje is speaking what the special media group advices.

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