Vasu Vs Modi — The game is on!

November 15 2014

Before the Cabinet expansion at the Centre, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia apparently went to see the Prime Minister in Delhi twice — this was after a message from Amit Shah. But she was told about Modi’s extremely busy schedule and was explained that she would not be able to meet the Prime Minister. Sources reveal that after this, Vasundhara met BJP President Amit Shah, and it is believed that Shah told her during the meeting that she was a big leader in the state and that now her role should be in national politics. Vasu didn’t give a reply to this and returned to Jaipur. It is worth mentioning that before this Shah had sent a list with the names of six Assembly members from Rajasthan through his close aide Bhupendra Yadav. These were the names of those who the Modi-Shah duo wanted included in Vasundhara’s team of ministers. Most of these names were of those who were opposing Vasundhara, those she didn’t like one bit, and with good reason. But respecting the high command’s wishes, Vasundhara made even her arch rival Kiran Maheshwari also a part of her Cabinet. In return, Vasu sent two names for Central ministers — one was Jodhpur’s saffron leader Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and the second was of her son Dushyant Singh. But none of them got a post from Rajasthan quota; the ones who did get a berth in the Cabinet were those who were liked by Modi and Shah. This time before Modi started for his 10-day foreign tour, he gave time to Vasundhara to come meet him and the two politicians exchanged few words. The chill that has taken place between the two is there for all to see. During the conversation, Vasundhara let it slip that Modi should not take her for Raman Singh or Shivraj. Modi merely smiled, and his pursed lips indicated that he was not who talks, he merely does.

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