Varun of Sultanpur

April 05 2014

Varun Gandhi, BJP candidate from Sultanpur, knows how to hog the headlines really well. So in a premeditated move, he praises his cousin brother Rahul Gandhi’s work in forming self-help groups and keeps his entire election campaign free of Modi assistance and the Modi wave itself. So much so that in a Muslim dominated area with a population of 2,80,000, he goes into and is not shy of asking for votes there. This Varun is a changed one and his image today is the exact opposite of what it was in 2009 — he talks about inclusive growth. In Sultanpur, his biggest competitor is BSP’s Pavan Pandey. Varun also seems to be oblivious of the facts that in his constituency alone there are no less than 2,60,000 Brahmins, about 4 lakh Dalit votes, 1,50,000 Kurmis, and the same number of Rajputs. While Pavan Pandey is concentrating more on Dalit and Brahmin votes, Varun is openly saying that he wants votes from all sections of the society. He is trying to create an emotional bond with Sultanpur by associating his father’s memories with the place. And that is the reason Brahmin and Rajput votes seem to be a falling in his kitty with great efficiency.

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