Varun’s straight talk

December 23 2009

In the recently concluded Winter Session of Parliament, while Congress prince Rahul Gandhi was barely seen in the House, his cousin
brother Varun Gandhi following the parliamentary tradition like an obedient student and actively participated in the functioning of
Parliament. Varun worked really well on the issues of poverty and Hindutva. So, Varun appeared most active on the issue of the sugarcane farmers and also remained in the House during the entire debate on the Liberhan Commission Report. So while Varun Gandhi on the one hand expressed his concern at the constantly rising inflation rate, he also came out in defence of Asaram Bapu on the party platform. Varun said Asaram Bapu has on numerous occasions stood by BJP on the issue of Hindutva and what is the party Government in Gujarat doing to him? At this the Gujarat BJP president Purshottam Rupala expressed his resentment that “Bapu is openly saying that he would dislodge the BJP Government in Gujarat.’’ At this Varun asked Advani who was present there – then Advaniji you decide what was more important for BJP — `Saint or Government’. There was no reply from Advani.

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