Uttarakhand: Hill Fire

April 10 2017

Everything is not hunky-dory with the Trivendra Singh Rawat government in Uttarakhand. Discontent is already brewing within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party every day. Firstly, the turncoats Congressmen who had joined the party in droves and became MLAs have started throwing tantrums. But even worse, discontent is rampant among BJP own leaders as well. People like three-term MLA Swami Yatishwaranand, who defeated the last Chief Minister Harish Rawat by over 12,000 votes, and Rajesh Shukla, who too defeated Rawat from Kichha, have been served cold shoulders. None of them is in the ministry of the state BJP government. Though the party had given tickets to a large number of Vijay Bahuguna loyalists, but even his son Saurabh was denied a ministership. Even the sprinkling of Bahuguna supporters who were included in the cabinet was given lightweight ministries. The first ever Speaker of the state Assembly, Harbans Kapoor too did not get a seat in the ministry. BJP legislators are also miffed with Om Prakash, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, whose writ runs large in the government. And thus, there’s fire in the hills!

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