UP’s Lokpal

June 19 2015

Uttar Pradesh government wants to appoint a Lokpal of its own choice. But the chief justice of Allahabad High Court Chandrachud is not on the same page as the state government. In any case, it is not merely a coincidence that the person whose name the Yadav Sultanate is proposing is not only a resident of Mainpuri, but is a Yadav, too. Mulayam Singh is especially excited about proposing the name of Allahabad High Court’s Justice Ravindra Singh Yadav. Mulayam has also brought the Opposition to his side about Justice Ravindra Singh Yadav’s name and now the state Opposition leaders are also lending their voice in Yadav’s support. The Yadav Sultanate says the name has been proposed neither because he is a resident of Mainpuri, nor because he is a Yadav but because of his talent and efficiency, which has brought him this far. The state’s Akhilesh government has, once more, sent Yadav’s name for consideration to the chief justice. If a consensus can’t be reached about Yadav’s name yet again, a special session may be called for with the aid of main Opposition party, the BJP, and the proposal can be passed in the Assembly. In any case, nowadays, Mulayam and the BJP are a classic case of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

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