Uncle’s Slap!

March 28 2017

After the shocking results of the UP elections, a distraught Akhilesh surrendered himself at his father’s feet. The two of them had a marathon meeting for over three hours, during which old wounds were dried and new strategies worked out. Thereafter, uncle Shivpal was summoned. The moment uncle arrived, Akhilesh said: “Tell me, uncle, what have you gained out of this?” Shivpal said: “At least, you have realised that just flooding the media with money gets you nowhere.” To which Akhilesh retorted: “You made us lose in at least 13 or 14 seats.” Shivpal said: “Oh no… in many more. I came to ask for just two seats from you, but you refused. Don’t forget I am old wrestler and know very well how to put the rival on the mat.” Mulyam sat through, mute, sans reaction, and poor Akhilesh had nothing much left to say.

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