Two friends who left Delhi

July 12 2014

Let’s see if there’s anyone who can identify these two South Indian politicians. One is a man, the other is a woman and both of them left the Tamil Nadu politics together and left Chennai to go to Delhi. Both of them have been Union ministers, both are lawyer by profession and shared such a strong friendship bond that they set benchmarks in the Congress. Then no one knows what happened but there was a fight and such a fight that there was no room for reconciliation. After the change of guard in Delhi, both of them have returned to Chennai. P Chidambaram and Jayanthi Natarajan have both become active in Tamil Nadu politics now and Chidambaram is eyeing CM’s post. Chidambaram has been seen in the Supreme Court once or twice, but when a reputed law firm in Delhi tried to avail of his services, Chidambaram outright refused the offer. Sources reveal that Chidambaram has flourishing businesses in several south Indian states and these businesses are taken care of by his son Karthi. Sources also say that his family has a significant share in a hotel in New York and owns coffee plantation in 500 acres in Coorg as well as a palatial resort. He also has a share in a medical company that has a chain of clinics for Dental and eyes. Chidambaram clearly has a lot on his plate he should be happy with.

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