Truth about Indian media comes to fore!

July 01 2020

When our army entered into a violent skirmish with China in Galwan Valley, a large group of eminent journalists arrived in Leh to cover the ground developments. Because of Corona pandemic, Leh administration told them to cover the issue from Leh Airport itself. Further, they were told that they would have to stay in quarantine in their respective hotel rooms for 7 days. Hence these ‘renowned’ journalists and their crew tried to leave the hotel but police personnel did not allow them to exit. So these well-known people found a way to gargle with China and went to the roof of their hotel and started reporting from the terrace. In fact, standing on the terrace, they also showed the Galwan Valley, which is incidentally hundreds of miles away from their actual spot, but all this was done in the hope of retaining their ‘title’ of being number one media house. Now citizens of Ladakh are busting these acts of TV channels by making videos on social media and thwarting the claims, and as saving grace these enthusiastic reporters are trying to show the report of the museum in Ladakh.

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