Trio rule in PMO

February 08 2015

Bringing L C Goyal in place of Anil Goswami as home secretary was significant decision of most powerful man in PMO, Nripendra Mishra. Since the home minister Rajnath Singh was keen on this post for Petroleum secretary and his confidante Saurabh Chandra, who also happens to be Mishra’s preferred, Mishra had already kept a suitable responsibility for him. It seems that if the trio, Nripendra Mishra, PK Mishra and Ajit Doval continue to rule the roost in PMO, there is every possibility that Saurabh Chandra would be next cabinet secretary. The tenure of present cabinet secretary, Ajit Seth has been extended for six months to enable the empanelment of Chandra. All handpicked of Nripendra Mishra are getting their favorite appointments. It is being said that Nripendra Mishra was keen on appointing his crony IPS officer, Prakash Mishra as CBI Director; However, Modi could not overlook the fierce protests from Navin Patnayak. Ultimately, Prakash Mishra had to remain satisfied with the post of IB chief. Be it Ashok Prasad or Anant Kumar Singh, all the powerful officials of PMO today are there with the blessing of Nripendra Mishra.

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