Tollywood actress and the Central minister

April 26 2016

When this impressive young minister at the Centre and efficient organizer got off at the airport in his home state, he happened to meet the state chief minister there. After exchanging formal pleasantries, they settled down to have tea together at the airport lounge. During the meeting, the Central minister said something unpleasant to the chief minister and the environment heated up just like the tea in front of them. Both went their separate ways without giving each other a second glance. When the minister returned to Delhi after a couple of days, a senior bureaucrat came to meet him from this home state, armed with a small packet. The packet contained a CD, which had some scenes of intimacy shared between the minister and a famous actress from Tollywood. The message from the chief minister was clear – today the CD has been sent to you, but tomorrow it could go viral on social media. Reading the unsaid message, the minister instantly called up the chief minister and apologized for his behaviour. The matter has been shelved for now, but it still hangs like the Damocles sword over the minister’s head.

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