Togadia sacked from VHP?

January 24 2018

Sources reveal that a crucial meeting of the Vishva Hindu Parishad executives was convened in a fortnight ago, in which Sangh number two supremo ‘Bhaiyaji’ Joshi was also present. Sources say that in this meeting it was decided that now it is necessary that the VHP be given a new face, given that it’s International President Raghav Reddy and Overseas Affairs President Pravin Togadia have been glued on the top shelf for way too long now. To this proposal, Togadia came out with strong opposition and said that no one can be removed from a post in such arbitrary manner. If that be the case, then the organisation should hold elections. It is said that the Sangh did not take Tagodia’s opposition too well, and during the on-going Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s saint conference in Allahabad, the VHP senior member Swami Chinmayananda has given the indication that some other leaders alongside Praveen Togadia will be discharged from the organisation. It is possible that in the coming days, you will see the VHP split into two camps.

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