Tiwari’s Nightmare

May 07 2017

From the very day that Yogi Adityanath became the chief minister of UP, one roaring Delhi BJP leader seems to be saying ‘meow’ all the time. It has been a record for Harishankar Tiwari that he had been a minister in each and every government in UP, whether it be BJP, BSP or SP governments. But there can hardly be two swords in scabbards. Not with Yogi around. So very soon the sleuths of economic and other offences outfits have started camping in Tiwari’s Gorakhpur home. Tiwari supporters somehow managed to give this a Thakur Versus Brahman angle, and they expressed their rage by even destroying the gate of the commissionaire. In this hour of crisis, the former right-hand man of Tiwari, Brajesh Pathak came to no aid. Pathak, a close friend of Tiwari’s son Vinay Shankar, had first joined the BSP, and now he has won from a BJP ticket. The man at the forefront of the hammering of Tiwari is Gorakhpur MLA Radha Mohan Das Agarwal. It may be recalled that when the BJP had refused to give Radha Mohan a ticket for UP, Yogi had given him a ticket from his own Hindu Yuva Vahini and he is now an MLA. And today, Radha Mohan is at the vanguard of making Gorakhpur crime-free.

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