Tiwari awaits his turn

March 19 2018

Manish Tewari is still considered an intense warrior of Ahmad Patel camp but for some time now he has been busy in changing his political projection.
It is known that Manish is a member of Washington’s prestigious ‘Atlantic Council’. In this regard, he often visits US. Even a few days back, he was in Washington in connection with this Council meeting. It is believed that the US President Donald Trump invited many members of the Council for breakfast to the White House. And Manish was also included in the list of invitees.
It is said that Manish worked hard with Sam Pitroda to make Rahul Gandhi’s last US tour successful. According to sources, Rahul has now started giving importance to Manish’s opinions in important legal and foreign affairs.
Manish’s close friends were hoping that his name would be in the list of Rajya Sabha candidates this time, but he has already started preparing for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It will be interesting to see whether the party fields him in Ludhiana or Chandigarh.

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