Thus said netaji

November 30 2015

SP Supremo Mulayam Singh has already pulled up his socks for the state Assembly elections due in 2017. Sources say that the SP chief commented in one of the party’s core meetings that the coming elections in Uttar Pradesh will neither be contested in the name of development, nor in the name of communalism or religion. That is because the BJP tried this experiment in Bihar and failed miserably at it. So according to netaji, the next election will be contested on the basis of local issues; where law and order will emerge as the most important issue. Thus, netaji has told his son to pay extra attention to law and order in the state; somewhere in his heart, he also realizes that the law and order situation in UP has never been worse. Sources say that netaji has also warned those close to him, by referring to a report which says that if the elections happened just now, the BSP will win 150-160 seats, the SP 70-80, the BJP 60-70, and the Congress may get 50-60 seats. But it took too long for you to smell the coffee, sir.

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