Thorns on Tharoor’s road

October 13 2014

Shashi Tharoor’s troubles have increased after a new medical report regarding Sunanda Pushkar’s mysterious death. It will not be easy for him to escape the investigations and neither will singing praises for Modi help him. There was two primary points of debate in the entire episode: why where the close circuit cameras at hotel The Leela not working, which could have given the answers on who entered Sunanda’s room. Thus, the cameras in the hotel’s gallery were not able to capture them and in such a scenario, the question that emerges is: was the move to make her stay in such a hotel deliberate? And if Sunanda was indeed so unwell on the day of her death, why did Tharoor leave her for an entire day? Sources also say that the poison that was supposed to be given to Sunanda was of a Russian origin, which was difficult to detect in blood or viscera reports. This is the reason investigative agencies are not ruling out the involvement of a foreign hands.

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