This was how a revolt within the BJP was contained

September 22 2013

Some of the Sangh leaders have a major role to play in BJP’s veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani’s U-turn regarding the party’s decision to nominate Modi as the prime minister’s post. Otherwise, Advani camp had made all preparations to stand up and revolt against Modi’s nomination. According to source, Advani camp had already made its feeling and intentions known to the Sangh, saying that the moment Modi will be announced as the prime ministerial candidate on September 13, those with Advani and the more than 100-odd officer holders at the Central and state unit who support him, along with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh will hand over their resignations. That means nothing short of an earthquake for the BJP. The minute the news got around, under the leadership of Bhaiyaji Joshi, prominent leaders of the Sangh had marathon meetings in Vrindavan for two days, details of which were kept confidential. Although the Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat was not at the meeting, but everyone from Krishna Gopal to Suresh Soni were present. The gist of the meetings was that the Sangh will take a tough stance on Advani matter. First attempts will be made to make him see the point of view, but if doesn’t come around, disciplinary action within the ambit of party’s constitution will be taken against him and his followers. Sangh’s one-liner from the meeting was, “Message to the masses that we are one.”

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