This is how miffed Uma was pacified

August 15 2020

Uma Bharti, who had given herself wholeheartedly to the Ram temple movement, was waiting for a sacred date like August 5, for a long time. But when that auspicious moment came, she was left waiting for the call, so a miffed Bharti declared that she will remain on the banks of Saryu River of Ayodhya i.e. at Ram Ki Paidi till time when PM Modi leaves the Ram Janmabhoomi temple after laying the foundation stone. This was because by then she was not sent an invitation to the foundation stone program. Only ANI and Doordarshan were allowed to go to the venue, while the rest of the media was stationed at Ram Ki Paidi, some 30 km from the venue. Uma also has an old relationship with the media, so ‘Champat Rai’ felt that the media should not ask her anything else, and therefore Uma was invited in a hurry and was given a place to sit in the foundation stone laying program. Interestingly, question were raised on those who sat in the front row. The questions were asked about what they had to do with the temple movement, for example, nobody knew anything about the contribution of Baba Ramdev, sitting in the first line, Mahamandaleshwar Awadheshananda Giri or Swami Chidananda. Mahendra Pandey, the only minister in the Modi government who was also involved in ‘Karseva’, also went to jail because of the temple movement, but he was not even invited. Vinay Katiyar’s age has not yet crossed 75, he too was not called. Acharya Dharmendra, who would create a charged atmosphere with his oratory skills, much like Sadvi Ritambhara, was also seen sitting in the 5th or 6th row. Sri-Sri Ravi Shankar, who spoke of mediation on the Ram temple, was out of the picture, so those individuals occupied the stage, backstage and ceremony, who had nothing to do with the Ram temple in the past.

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