The Yamuna of corruption flows free

January 28 2018

Transparency in governance is a fundamental mantra of the Modi Government and for this, from time to time, BJP-ruled state governments are encouraged. In the same regard, a new software ‘Priya’ has come to light with efforts of the Central Government as an attempt to eliminate corruption from Panchayats.
Generally, a trend has been observed the fund government allocates to the Panchayats, is usually misused on many levels and rather than reaching the right schemes, it lands into the pockets of officials and elected representatives of Panchayats.
One of the major features of Priya is the money is released from banks only when the vouchers of actual works are updated in computers through this software.
The software was implemented as a pilot in Yamunanagar district of Haryana. The results were visible to the public. With this, the heads of the districts and the Sarpanchs suddenly rebuked a rebellion. They did not like this method of government control. The rebellion scaled to the level that the matter reached the CM’s court. Although the image of Manohar Lal Khattar is that of an honest CM, keeping in mind the upcoming assembly elections in Haryana, Khattar withdrew this order, and once again the Yamuna of corruptions flows in Yamunanagar.

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