The swords drawn

March 16 2014

Hardcore Samajwadi  leader Sharad Yadav and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have taken their fight into the streets now. As a result, the colour was a tad jaded at Sharad Yadav’s Holi-Milan event organised on Friday in New Delhi’s at Ram Sundar Das’ residence. Along with the BJP, 138 well-known people were invited but no known person was spotted, only a handful of media people came, too. So much so that Sharad Yadav himself was not present at the event, and neither was Nitish there. The fight started with Sharad Yadav’s Madhepura’s seat; Nitish wants him to contest from Nalanda. His logic is that because Pappu Yadav is contesting from Madhepura on Lalu’s ticket, things have come tougher for Sharad from there. Sharad Yadav’s logic was, “If I go to Nalanda, I will lose for sure. I am a Khanti Samajwadi and will contest from Madhepura only.” Both Sharad and Nitish got into a heated argument in Patna during a meeting and matter came to such a state that Sharad threatened in anger, “Now there will neither be a JD (U) nor the Nitish government.” It is worth mentioning here that Bihar Assembly has 243 members and after the split from the BJP, Nitish has 118 members left and he is running the government with the support of some independent and Congress MLAs. Thus, if now Sharad walks out with his dozen supporters, and leaves Nitish, his government is bound to be in trouble. In any case, Sharad’s ace supporter Narendra Singh is against Nitish. Thus, when Sharad left the Patna meeting midway and returned to Delhi, Nitish followed him to the Capital and tried to pacify him until 3 in the morning on Friday. 

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