The special son-in-law of an ordinary country

October 17 2012

Robert Vadra, whose only claim to fame is that he is the son-in-law of the Gandhi family recently gave his beloved country the title of “Mango people in a banana republic”. Is it a mere coincidence that of all of Vadra companies, there is also one called East India Hotels? It goes without saying that somewhere along the line, it reminds one of the East India Company, because of which the British ruled us for 200 hundred years. It looks like Vadra is alone or has been left alone when it comes to fighting for his integrity. If not, what other reason can it be that Hindustani media, which has always saluted the country’s biggest political family is ripping apart Vadra with new findings about his finances everyday? Two things come to the fore with this: one that Team Kejriwal not only has the support of the common man but also has a powerful support that is backing him. Two, even the media is sure that the Congress is going to be at the helm of things for only a few months now. But if you see carefully, you will notice that with the advent of Kejriwal on the Indian political scene, you don’t hear FDI being mentioned anymore. So should it be believed that Manmohan Singh is no longer important for the all-powerful America?

  1. Joyce Says:

    Thank you Mr. Subramanian Swamy. Very good idea of a printed reecpit, but its still risky with illitrate people. What if it still gives u a reciept voted for wrong person? We can’t cancel the vote? I think there should be a provision to cancel and revote. because if it gives a vote to a wrong candidate then nothing can be done? and each person just has to complain and leave the voting place?? Still ballot paper is better I think. Why take a risk please fight only for ballot paper.

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