The secret behind Raj changing

January 13 2014

Raj Thackeray seems to be singing a different tune. There was a time when his rake on Modi was warm and soft, so much so that he was ready for a friendly fight with a BJP-Shiv Sena coalition in Mumbai and its nearby areas. Sources also reveal that NaMo had obliged him in a number of ways, but the Marathi Manoos suddenly changed his stance when NaMo, at a rally in Mumbai near Matoshri didn’t take the name of Raj even once. And because Uddhav was pretty wary of Raj,  he had clearly told Modi that he would have to choose between the two Thackerays. And when Raj was nursing his wounds after Modi’s Mumbai rally, Congress strategists contacted him directly and pleased him with several promises. Raj told the Congress that he will not be able to help the party in Mumbai and its nearby areas, but is ready for a friendly fight with the Congress in rural Maharashtra. Thus, the Congress script is ready to create a big dent in Sena-BJP’s votebank and the lead role will be played by Raj Thackeray himself.

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