The saffron take on Sushma

June 21 2015

Whispers are taking on the form of wavering flames, while silences stretch themselves without a worry. Hordes of people may have passed this way, but how come you can’t see any footsteps for a distance? When Lalitgate took over the headlines in foreign and Indian media, and no party member came out in support of Sushma, she tried to get a meeting with the party president Amit Shah. When she couldn’t get in touch with him, she immediately spoke to Rajnath Singh, who spoke to Sangh, Modi and Shah about it. Thereafter, Shah gave his quote in defense of Sushma and the entire party lent its support to her. Among chief ministers, only Shivraj Singh Chauhan gave his views, and Indresh Kumar spoke on behalf of the Sangh. Sources close to the Sangh say Indresh’s quote was given in his personal capacity, because after that, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat called upon Indresh in Varanasi and spoke to him saying he should consult with veteran Sangh leaders before giving his opinion about such things to the public. Sources also say that Sushma met with the Prime Minister on Friday, and offered to resign. But Modi told her that the entire government and the party are behind her supporting her, and she didn’t need to resign only due to a trial by the media. After that, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh had to call for a press conference and come out in defense of Sushma.

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