The saffron shade of Natrajan bomb

February 04 2015

It is not easy to guess the changing shades of those in politics. For instance, once a staunch advocator of Gandhi’s dynastic politics, Jayanthi Natarajan’s love lost for the Congress party was not sudden. Sources reveal that its string is connected with her nephew. A senior official claims that when Natarajan held the portfolio of Forests and Environment in Manmohan’s government, this nephew of hers was her front man. It is being said that Modi government has discovered some files related to scams of that period. When Jyanthi tried to seek some legal advice on the matter, she was told that she could meet the same fate that of Raja and Kanimozhi. Gauging the sensitivity of the situation, an able lawyer herself, Jyanthi chose to seek safe haven under saffron party. Sources tell that she met BJP President Amit Shah at a hotel in Chennai recently, when he was visiting to look up her ailing sister who was undergoing treatment there. After an assurance from Shah, Jayanthi changed her loyalty and attitude towards her alma mater.

  1. P Sanyal Says:

    An educated eminent lawyer,not applying her mind in decision making as a Minister is similar to a criminal offence.Such people should not be admitted to BJP.At the most can be kept on probation for a couple of years.
    It seems …Jayanti Tax….coined by the PM during election campaign was not a joke as we thought.

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