The PM considers Paswan as Ajatshatru

May 23 2016

Central Minister Ram Vilas Paswan had been absent from the past two-three Cabinet meetings. There was also speculation that he might be let go in the coming Cabinet reshuffle. But this time when he was present for the Cabinet meeting, the prime minister praised him to skies, and said Paswan was one of the most experienced ministers present. He added how Paswan was Ajatshatru, and had no enemies, because no one could stay angry with him. Coming out of the Cabinet meeting, a minister from Bihar gave tips to a journalist he was close to, and said, “Do you understand the meaning of Ajatshatru? That he has no enemies in any party. He can go anywhere. So it is not really praise. In his imitable fashion, the prime minister was making a snide remark.” What had happened was that Paswan had asked one of the secretaries in his department to forward a file. To this, the secretary had advised Paswan that he should first speak to Nripendra Mishra about it. Paswan did not take nicely to this and got upset. He said, “I have been a minister for five terms. I am not interested in meeting anyone. Whoever wants to meet me can come to my home or office.” It is said the news about this incident was passed on to the prime minister, and who took care of it in his own style.

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