The new Sultan of Sultanpur

December 28 2013

Sultanpur Parliamentary constituency may see an exciting competition in the coming elections. The Congress’ elected Parliamentarian from the seat Raja Sanjay Singh is ready to move over to the BJP and may contest the coming elections against Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. Gandhi family’s saffron leader Varun Gandhi is ready to contest the elections from Sultanpur instead of Pilibhit. He is being challenged by two heavyweights from there – one is SP’s notorious  Ateek Ahmad, and the second is BSP’s Bahubali Pawan Pandey. Ateek has already said that the number of cases against him is the same as Varun’s age. In any case, there are no more than two to 2.5 lakh Muslim votes; on the other hand, Pawan Pandey is BSP MP Rakesh Pandey’s brother. Pawan used to stay in Mumbai and was attached to the Shiv Sena and thus, his name come up during the mention of Babri Masjid demolition. AAP is pitching its spokesperson Sanjay Singh from there. With a diploma in mining engineering from Odisha, Sanjay is a seasoned man and has been an associate of SP MLA Anoop Sanda. Sanjay used to handle his petrol pumps and PR. When the rape charges on Sanda were proved, Sanjay sided up to Amar Singh and he found solace in Loktantrik Samajwadi Party. He then formed his own non-government organisation and Manish Sisodia brought him into AAP. It seems that Varun Gandhi may indeed become the Sultan of Sultanpur.

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