The nectar-induced Varanasi

February 16 2014

Elections in the Varanasi will be interesting this time. This will be the first time someone from the King of Varanasi clan will contest elections. Varanasi’s king’s grandson wanted a ticket from the Congress, but Rahul Gandhi took too much time thinking about it. Sensing the opportunity, the SP offered a ticket to the family. JNU Professor Anand Kumar will contest the elections from Aam Aadmi Party. In the present circumstances, BJP’s MP Murli Manohar Joshi might see his hopes being dashed against the wall, because it is said that the public in Varanasi is miffed with Joshi. The long-standing blame against him is that he is seen in the city very rarely and is mostly in Delhi. That is why Purvanchal politicians in the BJP had requested Modi to contest the elections from Varanasi. Sangh also planned a strategy under which all leaders such as Joshi would be sent to the Rajya Sabha but Joshi didn’t agree to it. Thus, getting Modi to contest from Varanasi seems to be an uphill task for the BJP at present. 

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