The Modi wave in US

September 21 2014

The Indian community is fairly excited about Modi’s trip to the US, the country has more than 60,000 doctors. The committee of doctors that is being formed in the country to associate with Modi includes AAPI’s President Dr Jahangirdar, Dr Bharat Birai and New York’s Albert Einstein College’s young Dr Rishabh Mishra. This committee set a goal of $1.5 million worth donations from the doctors but a few days later, they had donations of $1.6 million, so the campaign was closed. Initially, a dinner for Modi and 783 people of Indian origin had been organized at New York’s Taj Pierre Hotel, but when the number exceeded, the other dinner was shifted to New York’s Palace Hotel. It is worth mentioning that Modi will be staying at the same hotel with his entourage during his US trip. For Modi’s address with the Indian community at New York’s Madison Square Times, the New York Metro is running special trains from New Jersey and Connecticut. All in all, the entire Indian community is working towards making Modi’s US trip a big one.

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