The intricacies of Moditva

October 21 2014

When the UPA was in power, Advani spoke from the heart of a journalist who was close to him and had said that the way the Congress’ graph is plunging all over the country, the BJP’s graph isn’t climbing up with the same alacrity. Advani feels that the space that was being vacated by the Congress is being taken over by regional parties. Narendra Modi was Gujarat’s chief minister at that time and there were innumerable challenges in his way to be nominated as the prime ministrial candidate. Even then Modi would tell those close to him that if the BJP was a Hindi heartland party, why did it need crutches of any sort? Clearly, Modi was targeting Nitish Kumar at that time, and back then Modi was also worried that the BJP had no major strength in the west, east or south. At that very time, Modi had made a decision that no matter what the results of Lok Sabha elections in 2014 are, the BJP will contest the elections on its own. After all, the BJP had nothing to lose, except ambitious dreams of those politicians who were more than 75 years old. So after Haryana and Maharashtra, the Modi-Shah due are going to put their entire weight behind elections in West Bengal and South India. In Punjab, too, the party has woven the “Ekla chalo” (walk alone) strategy. So in the south, Modi wants neither the DMK nor the AIDMK. In Odisha, too, the party’s organisation is being given newer strengths. The Sangh is giving all its support to Modi-Shah for this work because Sangh’s branches and its people are all over India and the world.

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