‘The Indian Metropolis’: Varun’s new book

February 20 2023

A flamboyant scion of the Gandhi family, Varun, a poet by nature and scholar by hobby, was finalizing the presentation of his ambitious book ‘The Indian Metropolis’ on urbanisation, as Gandhi’s elder brother Rahul walked 3,600 km to ‘unite India’. The 824-page mammoth book hit the market as soon as it arrived and went on to become a ‘best seller’ with much fanfare like its predecessors. Rupa Publications, which published this book for Rs 1,500, claims that ‘this book broke all sales records as soon as it came in the market’. The book has sold more than seven thousand copies in the first two days itself.’ The publisher claims that ‘their first print run is of one lakh copies.’ The publisher also says that ‘they plan to achieve this target of sales achieve it easily as this book has created a huge ‘hype’ as soon as it came out.’ Varun has discussed in great detail the various forms of urbanization and their challenges in this ambitious book. In this research book contained in eight chapters, important issues like water and sanitation, crime in the city, health system, urban transport, urban unemployment, accessible housing for all have been deeply investigated.

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