The Imran’s Drama

March 30 2014

The controversial remarks by Rashid Masood’s nephew Imran Masood may well be a part of a well thought out strategy by the Congress. Then western UP and the entire Jat land was scorching from the Muzaffarnagar riots, the Congress, Sonia and Rahul tried to cash in on the issues faced by the Muslim community during the riots. The BJP did the same only that it tried to use the Hindus and their sentiments. From the sidelines, Priyanka Gandhi had a big part to play in bringing forward Imran as a party candidate from Saharanpur LS seat, since she is the one who spoke to Rahul and Sonia and ensured his candidacy from Saharanpur. When Imran allegedly spoke about chopping Narendra Modi to pieces, no media representative was present there and Imran mentioned it to his core team members. One of his core team member  made a film of it on his mobile phone and it got leaked to a close journalist friend. Saharanpur has a total of 15.5 lakh voters, of which about five lakh are Muslim voters who play the vital role in a candidate’s win or loss. Clearly, Imran and the Congress were looking at cashing in on the Muslim vote bank. The Muslim voters may be unsure of who to vote at present, but now the votes of Hindus in Western UP may be in favour of the BJP. And now if the entire matter goes in the hands of the Election Commission and Imran’s candidacy is cancelled for some reason, the Congress leadership may have to look for other options. 

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