The hoops for a berth in the Cabinet

May 18 2014

The most aggressive races are taking place for four ministries in Modi’s Cabinet. These are Home, Finance, Defence and Foreign Affairs. That is because the ministers in these departments automatically become a part of CCS, that is, Cabinet Committee on Security. The committee has five members and includes the prime minister apart from the four ministers. They are informally also known at the Raisina Hill, where the North and the South Blocks are located. The committee is also significant because their responsibility includes issues such as national security and nuclear power as well. Where Modi is concerned, he wants that in none of the ministries should there be a minister who does not toe the line where instructions from him are concerned. That is another reason Modi might keep the Home Ministry for himself. Sushma and Rajnath both have strong claims to the Defence Ministry, although Rajnath’s first preference will be the Home Ministry. If Modi keeps the Home Ministry for himself, Rajnath will make a move for the Defence ministry. Both Arun Shourie and Arun Jaitley have their claims for the Finance Ministry, but Modi might surprise the nation with a name that is not even being discussed for the post. Sushma and Jaitley have their preferences for the Foreign Affairs ministry as well. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take the final decision on it.

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