The government’s worries

June 21 2015

A king has to don many hats – that of a sadhu, a god; sometimes he has to become Dushaasan and sometimes he has to take on the form of dharmaraj Yudhishtir and, sometimes, Duryodhan. A king has several faces at any point of time. The Prime Minister looked more anxious than usual at the Cabinet meeting this time. He was aware of the fact that in the coming Monsoon session of the Parliament, the Opposition will try its best to create a ruckus, will ask for the resignation of Sushma and Vasundhara yet again, and will not let the Parliament function. The Prime Minister wanted to know from his colleagues in the Cabinet if it will make sense to introduce the Land Bill, and what were the dangers of calling for a joint session of the Parliament to pass the required bills. Sushma Swaraj, who was present in the meeting, agreed with the Prime Minister’s doubts, while Venkaiah pretended to be candid and said he was in constant touch with Opposition parties, especially the Congress, and will try to make them see reason. At the same time, Modi seemed eager to listen to his close associate Arun Jaitley’s feedback; the same Jaitley who strongly believes that calling for a joint session of the Parliament at a time like this is a landmine spelling danger.

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