The games Congress plays

January 05 2014

If the BJP leadership had agreed, today it would have been the saffron party instead of  AK’s AAP. A chief strategist with the Congress had directly called up Nitin Gadkari and assured him that if the BJP was ready to leave alone Sheila Dikshit and Robert Vadra, four votes from Congress Assembly members will go to the BJP during the vote of confidence. Sources reveal that a day before the confidence motion in Delhi Assembly, these four Congress Assembly members were at a five-star hotel J W Marriott in Mumbai. And this is possibly the reason why on the due date the Congress did not release any whip for its MLAs and that is why Protem Speaker Mateen Ahmad carried out the exercise by merely the raising of hands. There was no secret voting for proving a majority. Informed sources have revealed that Nitin Gadkari was okay with this idea in a broad way, party’s senior members turned it down saying that this might create a dent in BJP’s public image.


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