The falling apart of NDA

March 12 2018

The NDA alliance has started falling apart. TDP may not have left the NDA but has definitely parted from its government. Shiv Sena too seems to be speaking the words of the Opposition, both inside and outside of the Parliament.
The freshest of the rebels is Chirag Paswan, son of Ramvilas Paswan, who has already started preparing for the 2019 elections. Chirag feels that the BJP intends to leave very few seats for the Janashakti Party, and thus has changed his attitude towards the party.
Om Prakash in UP is all set to part from the NDA, while in Bihar, Upendra Kushwaha has also changed his stance. Sources reveal that Kushwaha has had talks with RJD chief Lalu who has agreed to leave 40 seats in the assembly for Kushwaha.
What Shah has in his court to save NDA from this disintegrate, will only be revealed once he’s out of the celebration phase in Tripura.

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